Rare Investment Model

All Investment Decisions based on Performance Net of Fees

Because of the breadth of Mary Coughlin’s expertise in managing several billion dollars in corporate, foundation, endowment, and private family portfolios, she has a results-oriented comprehensive approach and insights that offer private investors an option not provided by many “financial advisors.”

Your portfolio will be managed by a seasoned portfolio manager who performs due diligence with a “top down” approach generally only available to large institutional investors. Mary evaluates a client’s net worth by performing a complete investment analysis, reviewing liquidity needs and risk tolerance levels, before recommending asset allocation and risk management strategies. Your total portfolio will ultimately achieve better returns, commensurate with risks, whether individual positions are in equity or fixed income holdings, mutual funds, separately managed investment accounts or hedge funds. Barnegat Bay clients enjoy advantages often relinquished by many investors who take a “bottom up” approach to managing their net worth.

Each of the factors in professional portfolio management is different for every investor and to effectively apply prudent portfolio management strategies, Mary performs rigorous customized analysis for each client. At Barnegat Bay, you will receive independent, unbiased advice resulting from this analysis of your portfolio: Mary has no incentive to make changes in your portfolio unless they fit within your investment parameters.

Barnegat Bay will manage your disparate accounts in the aggregate as institutional investors do. Many investors have more than one 401k, IRA, & brokerage account and they cannot get aggregate information from their “financial advisor” broker or planner. With Barnegat Bay, you will.

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