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Mary T Coughlin

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What Makes Barnegat Bay Capital Management Unique?

Personalized Approach

Your portfolio will be managed by a seasoned portfolio manager who performs due diligence with a “top down” approach.

Mary evaluates a client’s net worth by performing a complete investment analysis, reviewing liquidity needs and risk tolerance levels, before recommending asset allocation and risk management strategies.


At Barnegat Bay Capital Management, Mary Coughlin offers a perspective that few other firms offer.

Your portfolio is managed by a professional who has practiced fiduciary responsibility for over 20 years.

Mary is legally and ethically held to a higher standard, offering prudent investment advice and acting in your best interest.

Barnegat Bay’s success is inextricably linked to one variable: Clients’ portfolio performance.

High Touch Client Service

As a Career Fiduciary and Financial Adviser , Mary makes one initial decision – what investments are in her client’s best interest? 

Not only is she ethically and legally obligated to do so, but it’s the only investment approach she has practiced in her 20+ years as a portfolio manager. 

Barnegat Bay’s clients receive competitive fee-only, performance-based investment management - a rare option for individuals despite its being the historical norm for institutional investors.

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Rare Investment Model.

All Investment decisions made net of Fees

Career Fiduciary.  Ethically and Legally Acts in a Client's Best Interest

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