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Financial Adviser

At Barnegat Bay Capital Management your assets are managed by Mary Coughlin, a financial adviser, portfolio manager and Career Fiduciary who has spent 20+ years managing institutional and private clients’ assets.

Mary invests based on a model of Fiduciary Responsibility. She is legally and ethically bound to a higher standard of prudent investment decisions, acting solely on your behalf, and in your best interest.

Your assets are managed in accordance with your performance objectives, net of all expenses, your risk tolerance levels, and your risk/return profiles.

You will receive institutional calibre advice generally not available to private investors.

Your money manager, Mary Coughlin, in her institutional capacity at large firms, has been a portfolio manager managing institutional retirement, endowment, and mutual fund assets with a $50 million minimum. For nearly twenty years Mary Coughlin managed clients’ assets up to $10 billion.

Your assets will be managed by a professional who has managed several billion dollars at major institutions including two of the world’s largest and most widely respected Wall Street investment banks, including Morgan Stanley Asset Management.

Barnegat Bay actively manages your asset allocation. Many investors don’t establish and rebalance their asset allocation as their circumstances or market views change.

Barnegat Bay provides top down, aggregate portfolio information, on all assets custodied wherever clients choose, so clients can make decisions about the risks associated with their total exposure to different asset classes and securities.

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