Fee Only Investment Management

Mary Coughlin earns No Commissions of Any Kind. Ever.

She does not sell, and has never sold, securities, mutual funds, insurance, or any other “financial product” for commission compensation.

Mary does not offer any other “financial advice” for commission compensation.

Your assets are managed by an independent, fee only asset manager, not a “financial advisor” or “wealth manager.” 

Barnegat Bay reports performance net of fees. Always. We find funds that outperform, net of fees, or buy index funds. Many mutual funds underperform their respective indices and Barnegat Bay only recommends outperforming funds.

Mary leaves the business of selling securities, insurance and annuities to the capable salespeople in those businesses. Barnegat Bay has a very specific, client-directed mandate: Evaluate and manage clients’ Total Portfolios, actively make Risk/Return decisions on all assets, and report each quarter on short-term and long-term results versus a relevant market benchmark

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